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Cable Certification:Everything you need to know

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1. Mandatory cable certification from when the implementation?

A: Compulsory cable certification since May 1, 20O2 shall come into force. China Quality Certification Center (CQC) since May 1, 2002, began to accept applications for compulsory cat 5 cable certification.

2. What products need to apply for compulsory ncti cable certification?

A: “The first implementation of mandatory cable certification of the product catalog” (hereinafter referred to as “directory”) including the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China announced (No. 33, 2OO1) in the annex and the China Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued by the 19 categories of 132 kinds of products. ;
(1) wire and cable (a total of 5 types);
(2) circuit switches and protection or connection with electrical devices (a total of 6 kinds);
(3) low-voltage electrical appliances (a total of 9 kinds);
(4) small power motors (a total of 1);
(5) power tools (a total of 16 kinds);
(6) electric welding machine (a total of 15 kinds);
(7) household and similar equipment (a total of 18 kinds);
(8) audio and video equipment categories (excluding broadcast-grade audio equipment and car audio equipment) (a total of 16 kinds);
(9) information technology equipment (a total of 12 kinds);
(1O) lighting equipment (excluding lighting equipment with a voltage of less than 36V) (a total of 2 kinds);
(11) telecommunications terminal equipment (a total of 9 kinds);
(12) motor vehicles and safety accessories (a total of 4 kinds);
(13) motor vehicle tires (a total of 3 kinds);
(14) safety glass (a total of 3 kinds);
(15) agricultural machinery products (a total of 1); ;
(16) latex products (a total of 1); ;
(17) medical equipment products (a total of 7); ;
(18) fire products (a total of 3); ;
(19) security technology prevention products (a total of 1).

3. Must the exported products obtain mandatory cable certification?

A: For the agreement on foreign trade contracts and special processing for export products, you can not apply for compulsory data cable installer certification, but for some reason, the remaining products that are not exported will not be allowed to enter the market for sale, unless the 3C certification.

4. mandatory cable certification has not been obtained and did not add China’s compulsory certification mark of the product what restrictions?

A: Where included in the directory range of products, if not obtained compulsory product certification and the end of China Compulsory Certification Mark, since May 1, 2003, shall not be a factory, import, sales and use in business activities.

5. What is the meaning of the CCC mark?

A: The name of the certification mark “CCC” for “China Compulsory Certification” (the English name for “China Compulsory Certification “, the English abbreviation for “CCC”, can also be referred to as the “3C” mark). For the “directory” of products, the “CCC” mark is permitted to factory sales, imports, and business activities in the use of the certification mark.

6. mandatory wire certification includes which links? ;

A: The certification process includes all or part of the following links:
(1) certification application and acceptance;
(2) type test;
(3) factory review;
4) sampling and testing;
(5) certification results evaluation and approval;
6) supervision after obtaining certification.

7. How to determine whether a specific product requires mandatory certification?

A: You can check the scope of application of the relevant product compulsory certification implementation rules and related annexes. In addition, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued No. 60 of 20O2: “The first implementation of compulsory product certification of the scope of application of products in the product catalog. If there are doubts about the definition of the scope of certification, should be written to the Commission to ask, the Commission is responsible for the response.

8 How to submit an application for compulsory product certification?

A: Applicants can visit the China Quality Certification Center’s website: to obtain the necessary information, PVC materials, and forms to submit an application online. Or in accordance with the contact information published online, contact directly with the product certification division.

9. Where can I find the regulations on the division of application units and the number of samples to be sent?

A: All types of products “mandatory certification and implementation rules” of the basic aspects of certification, certification, and implementation of the basic requirements for a detailed explanation of the following:
(1) the scope of applicable products;
(2) certification based on the standard;
(3) certification mode;
(4) application unit division principles;
5) sampling and sample delivery requirements;
6) the list of key components;
7) factory quality assurance capability requirements;
8) post-certification supervision;
(9) requirements for the use of product certification mark;
10) another provision

10. When the applicant is the seller or importer, there are no additional requirements?

A: The applicant is a seller, importer, should be submitted to the China Quality Certification Center at the same time the seller and producer or importer and producer copies of the relevant contracts.

11. Can the applicant entrust him into the application?

A: Yes. Applicants entrusted to apply for “directory” in the product certification, should be entrusted with the entrusted person to enter into a contract for certification, testing, inspection, follow-up inspection, and other matters, the entrusted person should be submitted to the CQC commission, a copy of the commission contract and copies of other relevant contracts.

12. What technical information should be provided by the enterprise when applying?

A: The following documents should generally be provided:
(1) general assembly drawings, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, etc.;
(2) key components and/or the list of major raw materials;
(3) the same application unit between the various models of the product description;
(4) other required documents;
5) CB certificate and report (if any). ; see the specific content of the various types of products “mandatory certification implementation rules.

13. Get the “directory” in the cable certification of producers, sellers, importers that should comply with which provisions?

A: 1) to ensure that the necessary conditions for the implementation of the certification process;
(2) to ensure that the certified products continue to meet the relevant national standards and technical rules;
(3) to ensure the sale and import of the “directory” of products for certified products;
(4) in accordance with the provisions of the certified products with the certification mark;
(5) shall not use the certification certificate and certification mark to mislead consumers;
(6) shall not transfer, trade certification and certification mark or part of the presentation, part of the copy of the certification certificate.
(7) accept the local quality inspection administrative departments and CQC supervision and inspection or follow-up inspection.

14. can apply through an agency?

A: 3C cable certification applications can be made through an agency, but the agency must meet the relevant provisions of the commission, and personnel trained, registered.

15. Complaints about the cable certification process and how the dispute?

A: The applicant may submit a dispute or complaint to the China Quality Certification Center. If the applicant still has objections to the results of the CQC, you can appeal to the State Certification and Accreditation Administration.

16. When the certificate holder in the original production site to apply for another type of cable certification, whether the plant involved in the review?

A: Such cases should be factory reviewed.

16. Unconventional factory review is possible?

A: In the application for certification of the product type test has not been completed in the case of factory review for non-conventional factory review. If the test cycle is longer or for other reasons, the enterprise proposed to conduct a non-conventional factory review, subject to the approval of the CQC leadership to implement.

17. Factory relocation, if the process, equipment, operators, and other conditions have not changed, is it necessary to inspect the new factory?

A: Yes. Even if the process, equipment, operators are not changed, the relocation of the plant may still lead to changes in quality assurance capabilities.

18. How is the frequency of supervision determined?

A: In general, CCC certified products from the date of certification of the 13th month (wire and cable, wire assemblies from the date of cable certification of the 7th month) for the first supervision and inspection, and then every 12 months for supervision and inspection. In case of special circumstances can not be carried out in the same month, can be extended for 2 months.

19.Under what circumstances CQC increase the frequency of supervision?

A: If one of the following circumstances can increase the frequency of supervision. ;
(1) certified products have serious quality problems, or user complaints and are confirmed to be the responsibility of the licensee;
(2) CQC has sufficient reason to question the compliance of certified products with safety standards;
(3) there is sufficient information to show that the production plant due to changes in organizational structure, production conditions, quality management system, etc., which may affect product compliance or consistency;
(4) there is sufficient evidence to make the CQC lose confidence in the production plant.

20. Supervisory review of what happens when the suspension of cable test certification?

A: the holder of the certificate does not use the certificate and certification mark as required; certificate holder violates the “directory” in the product certification implementation rules and the requirements of the designated certification body; supervision results prove that the product does not meet the “directory” in the cable certification implementation rules requirements, but does not require immediate revocation of the cable certification tester.

21. Special circumstances can be tested in the field?

A: Special circumstances such as product weight, volume or distribution restrictions, and other factors do require on-site testing, the testing agency to verify that the site conditions meet the requirements of the CQC to make a decision.

22. Can companies submit applications for CCC certificates directly to the testing agency?

A: The application should finally be submitted to the CQC’s corresponding low voltage cabling certification division, and then the CQC designated the appropriate testing organization for testing.

23. CCC copper cable certification application can be submitted to the CQC sub-center?

A: The application is submitted directly to the CQC headquarters, of course, can also be forwarded through the CQC sub-center.

24. How to apply for CCC certification for products manufactured under license?

A: The production plant or the ordering party can apply for CCC cable certification as the applicant.

25. The unit divided by the exact set, what are the provisions?

A: The applicant submits an application by CQC engineers based on various types of products, “Certification and Implementation Rules” and other explanatory documents developed by CQC to determine.

26. How long is the validity of CCC wire certification?

A: CCC wire certification does not have a validity limit, depending on CQC supervision and inspection to maintain its validity. CCC temporary wire certificate is valid until April 3O, 2OO3.

27. What is included in the factory supervision and inspection?

A: Supervision of the contents includes: a review of the factory quality assurance capabilities of certified cable materials; product consistency checks; if necessary, the site to take samples sent to the testing agency/site testing.

28. Supervision and inspection when the production site is without samples?

A: on-site supervision, such as no production of certified cables, in the warehouse also did not draw samples, the production plant is required to notify the inspection department when the production of certified products. The inspection department commissioned the relevant personnel to go to the sampling. If the certified product is still not produced within six months, the certificate is suspended.

29. When the same company applies for apple cable certification of similar products to EMC and CQC at the same time, is it necessary to conduct two factory reviews?

A: In order not to repeat the review, not to repeat the charge. CQC appointed CQC unified arrangements for factory review. Hope that companies try to avoid similar products to two cable certification standards to apply for cable certification tools, to avoid complicating the certification process.

30 mandatory cable certification fees how to charge?

A: CQC in accordance with the national standard, a unified charge. Applicants in accordance with the fees listed by the CQC, the amount and bank account number will be paid to the CQC.  cable certification fees will be because the applicant has chosen a different cable certification. Learn more cable knowledge at international cable service.

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