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1. What is a cable extrusion machine?

A cable extrusion machine is a manufacturing machine used to produce cable and cable wries. A cable extruder machine can be all-electric or hydraulic based with internal heating, cooling circuits, computer controls & robotics automation features.

Cables are most often made of copper wire but can be aluminum or any other conductive material. The cable may also copper conductor in its core for telecommunications like electrical wire.

A cable goes through many steps before it’s done. ┬áThese include drawing, stranding, mixing insulation materials (such as PVC), filling the cable with these materials, solidifying the mix into cable form (curing), then stripping off any extra insulation.

Once these steps are done, you will likely need to put the cable in some kind of cable or wire wrier to smooth it, put it in a cable drum, and cut it to size. Cable drums are machines that hold the cable on reels for storage until you need them. ┬áCable drums allow the cable to “slip”, meaning they have enough extra cable to extend further when needed.

2. How much does the cable extrusion machine cost?

Price of a cable extruder machine is a major factor in choosing a cable extrusion machine, but it’s not a only element that will define the cost.

Firstly, cable design software should be bought for Cable Extrusion Machine Manufacturer because cables can’t be made without it. Also, Cables Design Software mostly needs to be configured before going production which adds more money in general price. Secondly, many companies claim they provide qualified products and spare parts at low prices.

But actually, you must buy them in time when your equipment break down when you don’t need them or during the warranty period otherwise you have to pay far more than their original price when asking for aftermarket ones. Because our main goal is to deliver one complete system (and we deliver), the national cable service offers a competitive price for each product in the cable extrusion machine system.

Then, the price of cable extruder machines is different in different countries due to currency exchange rate or customs policies. For example, the European market pays little bit more than the North American one because European currency (Euro) is weaker than US dollar. Also China’s local Cable Extrusion Machine Manufacturer will quote you much lower price than Crete-based company because their currency has much higher value so it makes sense to do so when targeting.

Chinese market. Then another important factor affecting the cost when choosing cable extrusion machine is purchase process. Some companies require order so large that they can gives you wholesale prices while others prefer small orders even though they are capable of producing big orders but don’t wish them due to their own reasons.

Now you know how Cable Extrusion Machine Manufacturer, what is the next step? We believe it is an overseas business like a German company searching for Chinese manufacturers. So here we go…

How can you find Chinese cable extruder supplier? Simply do a search with keywords like “cable extrusion machine manufacturer” or “Cable Management System Manufacturer” on any major search engine, you will find some companies that make cable manufacturing equipment like cable extruders. These are potential suppliers of your future partner if they have enough capacity to produce or they are willing to expand production line or invest in a production plant just to meet your demands.

3. Is the cable extrusion machine process expensive?

The cable manufacturing industry is a high value-added industry. Whether it is environmental protection or cable technology, cable prices will always be higher than the general cable products on the market. Cable manufacturing companies have to maintain sustainable profitability and make cable supplies more flexible for cable users worldwide.

Cable extrusion machine process price: cable processing refers to such as cable sheathing, cable coating, cable cutting and other processes to complete cable assembly before delivery; cable processing production line equipment, if necessary can also be used in pre-inspection products, but this requires additional instruments and special test equipment set up and maintenance is relatively complicated. Therefore, generally do not consider the cost of these cables into account when we talk about cable production costs.

In cable production, cable processing costs account for a large proportion of the cable production cost. In cable processing, cable sheathing and cable coating is the key link. Cable process equipment is mainly composed of cable extruder machine price, cable stripping machine price, cable sleeving machine price and other auxiliary equipment.

The quality of cable products depends largely on both raw materials and good processing technology. Cable manufacturers in product quality requirements are very high, so they have to purchase a reliable material supplier or set up a subsidiary factory to ensure that raw materials meet certain standards.

4. Choose a good-quality cable-making machine.

Cable manufacturers need to choose a good production line according to their own needs (such as speed). Generally speaking, if the output per hour is lower than 1000 meters, cable manufacturers will choose cable processing equipment. Cable thickness of less than 1.5mm, cable manufacturers can choose cable sheathing machine price to cover the wire; cable thickness of more than 1.5mm, you need cable extrusion process machine price to do cable coating or cable sleeving.

Cable prices are related to the application requirements of the end-user and are ultimately determined by production costs on one hand and applications on the other hand. On this basis, cable manufacturers establish their own development strategies. If it is a long-term strategy, they should focus more on brand building and market expansion so as to lay a solid foundation for future development. But if it is short term strategy, they have only focused on product quality requirements and fast development to achieve the overall goals.

Cable processing equipment manufacturers mainly focus on cable technology innovation, product quality requirements, cable processing speed and other aspects of the cable production process. If cable manufacturers deal with cable processing equipment that is not suitable for their own cable products, it will not only increase production costs but also affect product quality standards. Cable products need to be exported abroad must follow international standards; if there are any problems in cable exports or non-compliance with standards, cable products will face serious consequences.

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