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1. What is a Rigid Stranding Machine?

There are two types of Rigid Frame Stranding machines: the sinking and floating types. The sinking type is used by coastal plants and underground plants, while the floating type is employed in rivers and at sea.

Since Rigid Stranding Machine can stretch up to 750 tonnes and beyond for larger power plants, they require the highest safety standards. This makes Rigid Frame Stranding Machine an extremely reliable machine – not only for one-time use, but every time it goes through rigorous tests to make sure it serves its purpose at all times.

Rigid frame stranding machine has a distinctive design that separates them from other products found in the international market. The structure may vary depending on its application like offshore, rivers & high tension lines, etc., but all Rigid Frame Stranding Machine have a unique design of their own. A rigid frame stranding machine is reliable and has been proven to be one of the most efficient designs of fiber rope strand machinery.

2. What is a Rigid Frame Stranding Machine?

Rigid Frame Stranding Machine is designed for higher load capacities and faster pay-out speeds, which makes them versatile machines that can survive rigorous use underwater. Rigid Strand Beamer comes with larger drums than other machines used in the industry. Rigid platform stranding machines are much more user friendly than any other type of machine found in the market, it does not need large maintenance cost,

Rigid Platform Stranding Machines do not require special skills to be operated, Rigid platform stranding machine setups consist mainly 2 supporting beams, Rigid platform stranding Machines does not need reliance on hydraulic power to operate and Rigid platform stranding machines is more cost-effective than other available types.

A rigid frame machine can be divided into several main parts, which are the drum, the support base, the upper body, rope payout device, and some accessories. The Rigid Frame Stranding Machine has a rotating arm that feeds the fiber ropes out of drums and it stretches them out at desired length across water or overland. Rigid strand beamers consist of double drums with larger diameters than most other wire stretching machines. Rigid Platform Strand Beamer consists of one pair of large diameter drums.

3. Benefits of Rigid Frame Stranding Machine for Cable Industry

Rigid-frame strand machines have more than 40 technical advantages compared with cylindrical strand machines. They adopt modular design methods, which make it more convenient to fix various drum diameters and strand pitch. Rigid-frame strand machines are not adjustable, which make different products’ specifications meet the requirement of users;

Rigid-frame strand machine is mainly composed of two parts: steel frame (including main motor) and transformer (which controls roller speed), Rigid-Frame Strand Machine has high production efficiency, low noise, less downtime owing to simple structure Rigid-Frame Strand Machine can be used for all kinds of cables with best electrical wire, thin sheathed wire both wires are used PVC particles.

Stranded Machine using advanced technology, suitable for small voltage cable Rigid Frame Stranded Machine can be automatically stopped when the rotor blade off Rigid-frame strand machine spare parts are easy to find Rigid Frame Stranded Machine using new nylon + Teflon cable material, anti-aging Rigid-Frame Strand Machine insulation layer is high-quality polyolefin resin Rigid-frame strand machine with a high degree of automation, less manual work Rigid Frame Stranded Machine for Cable Industry.

4. Equipment warranty period of Rigid Stranding Machine

The Rigid Stranding Machine is a new type of equipment, which is still in the initial stage of the market promotion. The equipment technical guidance period is relatively short, but it does not mean that Rigid Stranding Machine can not be used after the warranty period.

The Rigid Stranding Machine will continue to provide technical guidance for free for a long time after the end of the warranty period, whether it is related to software or hardware knowledge. At present, Rigid Stranding Machine has completed the construction technology verification stage and launched Customized versions 2.0. You are welcome to contact us about rigid frame stranding machine.

If Rigid Stranding Machine is used in a harsh environment (such as severe and high humidity and more than 2000m), the service life of the Rigid Stranding Machine will be shortened, but rigid frame stranding machine will provide after-sales service for free.

I think Rigid Stranding Machine users should understand that rigid frame stranding machiner is willing to provide assistance for free during this period, thus prolonging the service life of Rigid Stranding Machine.

As I mentioned before, the rigid frame stranding machine has completed the construction technology verification stage now, if are interested in a rigid frame stranding machine,  will provide a Rigid Stranding Machine with Customized versions 2.0, Rigid Coil Handling Machine, and Rigid Stranding Machine at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions about a rigid frame stranding machine or a rigid Stranding Machine, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone!


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